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  • Introduction of AIC

Introduction of AIC

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A+ International Certification (AIC) was established in 2004 by planning the project in 2000 and received ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management system accreditation from JAS-ANS (, an accreditation body in Australia and New Zealand. AIC is a global certification body with 70 international senior auditors providing ISO certification services.

In addition, AIC is currently conducting its own certification with ISO 22000 certification auditors and certification process, and plans to secure accreditation body licenses through accreditation audit in the future.

We, who provide certification services, will strive to strengthen the corporate capabilities of our clients' management systems by providing a fair and reliable certification audit service as the top priority for the continuous shared growth of companies receiving certification services.

In addition, AIC will strive to grow into a competitive company through a cooperative relations between local governments, universities, and companies.

The members of the certification body will strive to become a certification body that grows together with customers through continuous capacity-building activities to realize the above.

Thank you.

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